Our History

Politics is to serve:

Telugudesam became the first political party in the nation to enact welfare policies for the populace with a range of programs, including the right to property for girls, two kilogrammes of rice to feed a needy person, handloom clothing at a discounted price, subsidised electricity for farmers, a sturdy home for the underprivileged, and more.

Sir NTR turned the Telugu Desam Party into a movement that sought to bring about a social revolution rather than just a political party with devotion, honesty, bravery, and sincerity.

July 6, 1983

Started a Rice Distribution of Rs. 2 Per kg in Indira Colony, Panyam, and Kurnool District.

May 28, 1983

First Mahanadu of Telugu Desam Party in Vijayawada. NTR organized MGR's presidency meeting

April 27, 1983

 Foundation stone of Telugu Ganga Project laid at Velugodu

April 19, 1982

An Agreement of Telugu Ganga took place between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

August 16, 1984

Telugu Desam Party received a young leadership who stood by NTR.

15th September, 1984

NTR takes another turn as Chief Minister after gaining strength.

November 1984

A pension scheme of Rs.30 per month was launched

December 27, 1984

By-elections to the Lok Sabha due to the assassination 

September 1, 1995

Nara Chandrababu Naidu took charge as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

December 1994

The Telugu Desam Party won 216 of the 251 seats contested in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections with a huge majority

April 18, 1986

 For the first time in the country, NTR built permanent houses for 1,70,000 poor families under the 'Needa' scheme at a cost of Rs.165 crores.

March 1985

The Telugu Desam Party won 202 of the 250 seats contested in the by-elections to the Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Assembly.

September 1, 1995

Nara Chandrababu Naidu took charge as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

January 18, 1996

Ramanna of Telugu, the beloved son of the Telugu mother, and the star of Kalamatalli, the Protagonist Nandamuri Tarakarao, passed away.


Another sensational era started with Chandrababu's rule after NTR.

33.33 percent reservation for women in government jobs, education and employment 

Nara Chandrababu Naidu gave the shape of Vision 2020, what we want now before 20 years...

HiTech city started in 1998 in Hyderabad is an international sensation.

Chandrababu not only added Cyber ​​City to the capital of the twin cities but also gave a route map for the Outer Ring Road

He organized the 32nd National Games in 2002 and the first Afro-Asian Games in 2003 to prove his governance level and efficiency.

The Telugu nation has given opportunities for the common man's hopes to take flight and reach the stars

While providing the people with what they want... on the other hand, Chandrababu suppressed factionalism

As a result, the anarchist forces, enraged, If the government were not concerned about the Telugu people affected by the floods in Uttarakhand, Chandrababu would personally fly a special plane to transport the victims to safety—a moment never before seen.

Despite the party's defeat and being in the opposition, Telugudesam did not lose sight of the needs of the people. If the Telugu farmer is being treated unfairly, he has risen alone across boundaries in the form of the Babli initiative. 

Also, Chandrababu went on hunger strike for 8 days on that day. In order to know the public issues... from October 2, 2012 to April 27, 2013, Chandrababu undertook a padayatra saying 'I am coming for you'. After NTR Chaitanya's Rath Yatra 

If the government did not care about the Telugu people caught in the floods of Uttarakhand, then Chandrababu himself would go and bring the victims safely in a special plane, an unprecedented moment.

Due to the fragmentation of governance from 2004 to 2014... Andhra Pradesh was formed without even a capital with a deficit budget of Rs.16 thousand crores. 

Within a few days, Cyclone Hudhud hit Visakhapatnam fiercely. However, Chandrababu stood by the people against the storm. For that bravery, handling of responsibility and initiation

 People offered 33 Thousand acres for the capital when Chandrababu Naidu confidently requested for them to represent Nabhuto Nabhavishyati. Record levels of construction were put into the Secretariat and High Court.

With the developmental rule of Chandrababu Mark, Andhra Pradesh has reached a level of pride in all fields. Many companies like Kia, Hero, Celcon have lined up for AP.

Bringing the construction of the Polavaram project to the final stage, the completion of Pattiseema... all these things are impossible except for Chandrababu.

The Telugu Desam Party, a people's party, never quits, regardless of whether it is in power or opposition. The Telugu country shall advance, absorbing history like a living thing

Lokesh served as one of the Trustees of the NTR Memorial Trust (often referred to as the INTR Trust) for emergency preparedness, healthcare, and education.

Lokesh is in charge of the Trust's humanitarian relief program, which is active during extreme weather events.

Each active party member will receive personal insurance coverage for 250,000 in the case of unavoidable injuries, 22 lakh for long-term disability, 1 lakh for partly handicapped individuals, and 22 lakh in the event of a fatal accident.

TDP gained 53+ lakh members as a result of the internet membership campaign by Lokesh.