The dream of Nara Chandrababu Naidu is Swarnandhrapradesh (Golden Aridhra Pradesh).  By doing so, he intends to elevate Andhra Pradesh to the top state in the nation for growth, equity, and quality of life. There won’t be any unemployment, insecurity, poverty, or illiteracy in Swarnandhrapradesh, and residents will have several opportunities to flourish and have fulfilling lives. Global developments in international standards will occur.

A programme for economic restructuring is a way or a plan to make this aspiration a reality. There are three main components to it. First, policies, programmes, and courses of action pertaining to economic development are focused on growth engines that provide high growth potential in three sectors—agriculture, industry, and service—in order to achieve sustained long-term growth. The state intends to create development engines by letting the market decide how best to distribute resources, encouraging private investment, and involving the state if needed. Second, good quality of life is the goal of social development policies, programmes, and courses of action. by enhancing people’s capacities to be skilled, healthy, and productive. It asserts that it will accomplish this by encouraging infrastructure investment.

Thirdly, institutional development policies, programs, and courses of action are intended to promote good governance through decentralization of power, the adoption of electronic governance, the maintenance of law and order, the creation of an environment that is conducive to the operation of a free market, private investment and infrastructure development, reformation of the bureaucracy, and training opportunities for TDP MLAs and party members. The government ought to be trustworthy, competent, open, effective, and accountable.

Based on the time frame, these three key elements are divided into two categories: (1) Short-term adjustments and (2) Long-term Vision 2020. Short-term changes are intended to address the current economic crisis and lay the foundation for the long-term strategy. These policies focus more on concerns relating to social and economic growth. The long-term goal is to achieve Swarnandhrapradesh gradually by 2020.Follow our Official Website to get updated about the Latest TDP News The social, economic, and institutional development are the three main components of these programmes. Both have been running almost concurrently.

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